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Public Affairs

In a complex world, corporations and government agencies have to compete for the attention of target audiences by communicating their messages in a variety of styles and media. RVA supports this outreach with public relations and public affairs services. We design issues management and communications campaigns. We develop and manage strategies that reach our clients’ communities of interest. We adapt the message and method to each client and situation using traditional and digital media.

Public agencies appreciate our understanding of social marketing and the importance of its role in changing perceptions and behaviors. Privately owned companies value our competitive approach, public policy experience and focus on adding value. We also have extensive experience working with coalitions and community organizations and understand the dynamics of group planning and decision making.

Many of these campaigns include radio or video public services announcements, posters, press releases and individual outreach. RVA produces media that combine message and image in an accessible and informative professional package. RVA’s staff members assist clients with message, content development and production for:

  • Social marketing and issue campaigns: RVA designs individualized strategic communication campaigns for clients in need of issues management or crisis communication. We develop and implement strategies that reach all of the stakeholders.
  • Media placement: RVA identifies traditional outlets, such as print and radio, and new media outlets, such as YouTube and podcasts, that will reach our clients’ target audiences, develops a buy strategy and schedule and negotiates costs to maximize message exposure while staying within budget.
  • Reports and Presentations: RVA works with public and private sector clients to produce reports and presentations that use visually appealing graphics and easy-to-understand language in accessible formats.
  • Organizational Management and Strategies: RVA helps agencies and companies manage campaigns and issues through a combination of strategic planning, problem solving and public relations skills.